RUMOR: Sonic in Works for Master System?

RUMOR: Sonic in Works for Master System?

by June 23, 1991

Could the Hedgehog Speed onto Sega’s Genesis Predecessor?

Give Sega some credit of having a backup plan in place should something with Sonic’s launch fail…by making plans involving a console that already failed in many parts of the world.

We’ve heard from several sources, who have spoken to us on condition of anonymity, that Sega has already considered porting Sonic the Hedgehog, out today for the Sega Genesis, for its predecessor, the 8-bit Master System.

That system, now five years old, is largely thought to have been made obsolete by Genesis.  We’re told the ported game will have similar areas to its Genesis counterpart, but will feature new areas exclusive to the system.  We’re told a jungle zone and a “bridge” themed area will be among the exclusive stages.

The news may be welcome…if you live in Europe, or Brazil.  Only in those two areas has the Master System proved to be a competitor against Nintendo; everywhere else to date, it’s had a tough mountain to climb.  We’ve seen these types of nonsensical decisions before, and one has to wonder when Sega will ever learn from its mistakes.

That all said, our sources also indicate a willingness to port Sonic to the newly minted Sega Game Gear, should the hedgehog prove successful on the Genesis.  For such a new system–it’s not even two months old as of this article’s publication–it would be in Sega’s best interest to have a winning title on its hands to combat the behemoth Game Boy.

Nothing is confirmed, of course, so we will treat the news as rumor.  If you know more about this, we encourage you to send us a news tip.  Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to TSSZ News LLC.  Or, wait a bit for our new Telnet BBS to come online and tip us there.