A Ton of SA News

A Ton of SA News

by April 2, 1999

A CD containing all 69 tracks from the Sonic Adventure game is now on sale in Japan. Called “Sonic Adventure (Digi-log Conversation) Original Soundtrack”, it comes on 2 CDs. Next month (if all goes well) I will be reviewing this CD!

As you know, the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure had some nasty bugs in it. According to Dreamcast Life, thse bugs are expected to be fixed for the US release:

“It looks like Sega of America is working hard on fixing all the game glitches before the U.S. release. Unfortunately, the pop-in problems are of the lowest priority due to the fact that they don’t really detract from the gameplay. If they can fix the camera and remove some of the collision detection problems than Sonic could very well be a system seller.”

To other news, it’s 100s across the board for Sonic Adventure! Gamefan did 9 pages on the Japanese review. In it, it is stated that the framerate is not at a constant 60FPS, and there is pop-up, but it does not really detract from gameplay.

Before I review the SA OST, perhaps you should check out some MP3’s from the game! Go to http://media.seganet.com/ and go in “Audio”. You’ll find them, I promise.

This week’s TSSZ Action News Poll concerns Sonic Adventure in the US. Polls will close down on April 15, 1999. Cast your vote now on the main page!