Simplenet Powerhouses Going Away

Simplenet Powerhouses Going Away

by April 2, 1999

First to the small one. World Sonic, a growing Sonic site, will be no more. Here’s what the webmaster had to say:

“On March 1, 1999, Dash talked with his staff about a “new” website. It was suppose to be called E Productions. E Productions would be a fanmade company that made fancomics. Of coarse, that suggestion did not become a reality, but something else did.

The next day, Dash (that’s me!) went around the net asking people in message boards and e-mailing them personally about what they thought about World Sonic. Most of them said the site is good, but not real good. But the loudest answer I heard was The Sonic Saga. Everyone I asked said that The Sonic Saga looks real promising and couldn’t wait to see it done. Then I remembered that I haven’t been putting that much time into the making of The Sonic Saga, but instead, putting all of my time into World Sonic. That’s when my mind clicked.

Why keep a Sonic site that dose not receive good responses from the visitors? Why not make a website about something that people like. The Sonic Saga!

With a new website, all about The Sonic Saga, I would be able to put A LOT more time into making the comic. And without World Sonic to worry about, I could make The Sonic Saga into a great fancomic!

So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m closing down World Sonic and opening a new The Sonic Saga webpage! However, this may only be temporary. Because I have the World Sonic webpage loaded into my Computers hardrive, I could upload it back up on the net anytime I want. This means NO ONE can copy the World Sonic name or it’s design. Their both copyrighted by me and I’m not giving them up.

This is great for me really! That’s why I’m doing it. Now, about the features on World Sonic like the interview and fancomics page. Here is a list of things that were on World Sonic that will still be on the new The Sonic Saga webpage.

Danehog’s fancomic, STH: Character Chaos Zone
That’s all. Everything else, like the fangame, will be canceled. Sorry. Also, keep in mind that the new website will stay at this domain ( and will not move!”

Now to the big news: Knuxcom is going down. Here’s what SharpKnux had to say:

“I have decided that as of April 2, 1999, I will close down all of KnuxCom. As of currently, the only page that resides on KnuxCom is the Sonic Page. So by April 2, that page will be gone. Why am I doing this? Well, for a simple two reasons: I lost interest in doing a general Sonic site, and there are plenty of Sonic sites out there that are much better than mine (and I figure, it’s too late to “win” back fans of the site). I was going to create a page called The Sonic Database, but those plans have been cancelled. Sorry.

So what’s going to be here instead? Well as of April 2, 1999, I plan on changing KnuxCom into SharpKnux’s Art Studio, which is simply going to be an art site featuring my artwork (and perhaps a fan art archive). I have been wanting to make a site like this for a long time, but simply haven’t had the time to do so while trying to complete KnuxCom’s other pages. I figure I will have more interest in my site if my site revolves around my favorite hobby: art. I will put up more info on the new site when the time comes.

I will keep the Sonic Page link open from here until April 2, which is when I will delete the enitre page. Take what you want from the site, but remember to give me credit for what is mine in there, and do not copy anything word for word either. Anyone hear of plagerism? It’s illegal… Oh yes, one more thing. Please do not flame me or send me nasty complaints about my decision. It’s final, and I’m the one paying for the account. =)

I would like to thank everyone who supported KnuxCom in the past two years. This would be everyone who has linked to this site (and I encourage you to keep linking ^_^), anyone who has submitted anything to my site, and any one who just comes by and visits. Thanks again, and, as I always say when I put messages to a close: Later!”

I wonder is Simplenet’s MP3 hound is the cause of this.