Sonic Adventure Goes Industrial

Sonic Adventure Goes Industrial

by April 9, 1999

Katana Edge gives an update on the music remixes for the American Version of SA:

Sega is currently putting the finishing touches on Sonic Adventure for North America and part of that includes remixing the music. KEDGE learned today that one very cool guy is currently in the process of handling two remixes for the US version. Chris Vrenna, a percussionist who frequently plays drums with NIN and Trent Reznor, is mixing the new tracks along with Mark Blasquez.

Vrenna told SeemsLikeSalvation News today, ‘It actually came through my friend and often partner Mark Blasquez. He works on a lot of my stuff.’ To which Vrenna explains they were given, ‘a tape of what the original themes sounded like and we did 2 remixes (almost recreations) of those,’ says Vrenna. ‘One of which, Sonic’s main theme, from what I heard is currently running in Japan as the TV commercial music for the new system.’

Now, I know many of you do not want the music remixed, I know I don’t. This may be next poll question if I don’t get any suggestions.