Complete Sonic Saga Coverage

Complete Sonic Saga Coverage

by April 26, 1999

All of the stories I posted on the MB are now available here:

April 24 2:14 PM EST: is now the official home of The Sonic Saga, a fan comic project headed by Dash and E Productions. Here’s what the opening update said:

Hiya, and welcome to the grant opening of The Sonic Saga Official Webpage. Sadly, nothing else is done but what you see here, but that will change soon. I do, however, have this “VOTE NOW” page were you guys (or gals) can vote for which universe The Sonic Saga should be in. SegaSonic or the universe I’ve made up. Vote here now (!!! I also have some samples of what the art may look like in the comic in the vote now page. Well, more updates later on today! That’s right, I’m going to update again…. today!! See ya then 🙂

Oh, their is one more thing I forgot to tell you about. The Sonic Saga issue#1 Directors Cut is up for download at the “Directors Cuts” ( page.

But, so far, here’s the best part: World Sonic still remains! That’s right, it’s not gone! You can access it @!!

April 25 5:28 PM EST: In the latest update, Dash said this:

Today, so far, I’ve added the new ‘sketches’ ( page. Maybe later on today, I will add the links page.

April 25 9:22 PM EST: Dash has added 4 links to his page in the continuing updating of The Sonic Saga. However, if you are thinking of submitting one, think again. Dash is creating a banner for use, and until it is done, he will not accept new links. What are you waiting for? Get there!