Chupamedia WILL RETURN

Chupamedia WILL RETURN

by May 3, 1999

According to Junon, on May 5th, the Media site will resurface:

I will say this now because I want you all to see this.

First off I’d like to thank all of our regulars and forum junkies, Shadowblade, King MiKE, Tails, RAW, Sonic, Sir Jub Jub, Burning Rangers, Kain Shaolin, DigitalSnake, JAN, TS, Riisuke, Crash, Epsilon-Eagle, Qixwyn, Silhouette, Medion, John Broughton, Squall, Edge, Yamcha and BRANGER40 for sticking with us, even when the site is all jacked up at the moment. But there is more. As all of you know, our good buddy and “right-hand man” that goes by the name of “Playstation” or maybe even “Playstation2” in our Forum has been harassing us for quite some time now. I think he enjoys the attention he’s getting from us all. While personally, I do not mind telling him to go fuck off or go jackoff (which already did) somewhere in the dark, he’s getting rather annoying.

Well, hopefully our problems may be solved. As you have seen in the Forum you guys, he’s willing to place a wager, he told me for (some odd reason), if I can bring this site back online and make it look (and work) better than both of his favorite game sites, and, then he’ll leave us forever and never come back (sounds to good to be true), but if I fail, he’ll bug us until the day we die.

Why didn’t we site ban him? Well, we did, like a trillion times, yet he finds another machine with a different IP, and I am not going to ban all these IPs left and right chasing him around that others may actually want to use to try out our forum one day.

So you guys wish me luck! I’ve been recreating this site since Thursday Night of last week and it opens this Wednesday Night as I promised! Root for me!