Is Wal-Mart Reconsidering Sonic Comics?

Is Wal-Mart Reconsidering Sonic Comics?

by May 16, 1999

We do have a couple people reporting Sonic comic sightings at Wal-Mart on KP’s Message Board; here’s one sighting by Kali-Ka:

I was in Wal-Mart the other day (hey, what can I say, they’re cheap) and I saw a comic book rack with Sonic 72.

To that, several people responded saying that they’ve seen them too. Here’s one from Crazy Chameleon:

Me too! At Wal-mart they had a bunch of comics, including Sonic! But I live in Canada…maybe it was only the Wal-marts in the U.S.?

ROBOJIF put out his two cents:

Okay, I hope this is a good sign. First off, there’s a comic book rack there. Second, a Sonic comic. Now, if some Walmarts are slow on orders given, maybe there’s more hope than we thought. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support Knuckles though. Did everyone who has #26 buy two copies if they could?

But perhaps the biggest surprise was when Ken Penders said that Archie had no indication of this:

Everything I’ve heard from Archie indicated that WalMart wasn’t selling ANY comics. Since SONIC #72 came out AFTER I received word on what was happening with the books, this could be a good sign. (Upper management never tells us anything unless it affects us a in good way – they need more stories and art – or bad – the book is about to be cancelled.)

More on this as it becomes available.