More SA Details from Popcorn

More SA Details from Popcorn

by May 27, 1999

The UK guy with the Japanese DC has told the Neo Green Hill Zone forumers about power-ups and mini-games. Here’s the list:

They return in all their glory! Here’s the different types:
-5 Ring
-10 Ring
-? Ring (gives random number of rings from 1 to 40)
-Super sneakers (same as in past games)
-Invincibility (complete with a new remixed classic Sonic tune!)
-Shield (think Sonic 1’s shield, but green)
-Electric shield (Drags nearby rings towards you, complete with nice electricity effect- you know those electric balls you put your hands on and then all the little bits of electricity shoot up and touch the glass? Imagine that.)
-Bomb (destroys all nearby enemies)
-1 UP

-Sonic Slot Pinball
-NiGHTS Pinball
-Ice Cap Snowboarding
-Sand Hill Sandboarding
-Twinkle Circuit
-Sky Chase Act 1
-Sky Chase Act 2
-Hedgehog Hammer
-Boss Challenge (attempt all completed bosses in order)

I’m going to try and get more info as soon as possible. On a related note, this may be new info no one has ever reported on before…