Chupamedia: Day 4 of Censorship

Chupamedia: Day 4 of Censorship

by May 28, 1999

Junon, the new webmaster of the site, had this to say late yesterday:

Because we still have a firewall in the way of our ftp server for the time being (should be taken down soon hopefully) we cannot receive uploads from anyone which has caused some form of cosmic space/time disruption among Chupamedia. Which means we update with new mp3s like, slowly. ;P

Well, it’s been like this for over a month now and well, and in that time we have grown bored. We used to get drunk and update this site, but it seems some people cannot appreciate good stupidity these days therefor we were spanked and basically we got censored now. It appears that none of you like this, I’ve got some private mail from you asking to bring back the vulgarness, a lot of you posted in the forum, some are worried about our “happiness…” You see, we were offered this challenge… well I was anyways, one person e-mailed (1) asking me to take the challenge and be nice, so I’ll try to play nice, it’s not my style, infact I hate it, but it’s a challenge which means I cannot pick on people anymore >:( I cannot talk about my… erm, love life… and I can’t say the cool words I used to say… FRICK! But none the less, it is a challenge. I think maybe I can do it without boring you all. ;P

If we burst out in Pure Utter Vulgarness once more, we’re going to be homeless, kicked out, pushed aside, FIRED! Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Wow Junon, you’re on the edge of being fired, why make fun of it?” Well it’s because I have caught myself in one of the funniest situations in my life. If I do not fulfill my part of the terms of agreement, many people’s internet lives will be killed off after Chupamedia has be given the boot! Oh no! So it seems as though we have no choice. LOL! I know a lot of you come here because no other “game related” site out there offers you – Reality – we talked about people, addressed them, talk trash, got drunk and talked about something that come natural with ever purchase of a adult magazine…

And what she says is true, I personally come there for their uniqueness, and I admire them for giving what the viewers want. More over the weekend.