SA Enemy and Hedgehog Hammer Details

SA Enemy and Hedgehog Hammer Details

by May 29, 1999

Popcorn gave more details for SA earlier this week when I asked him:

There are no familiar enemies, but there is something *very* similar to the Rhinobot from Sonic 3 in there– it’s called a ‘Rhinobot’ and does basically exactly the same thing, which is pause for a second as you come close, and then charge forwards. There’s also the Kiki, a bomb-throwing monkey, and the Spina, which basically just hover in mid-air. In the later levels they also temporarily electronically charge themselves so that they damage anyone who attempts to attack them, a bit like the glowbug things in Sonic 2… there’s more, but I can’t remember any of the names at the moment…

Hedgehog Hammer? Just imagine Whack-a-mole but with Sonic 🙂

Kiki sounds like Coconuts, doesn’t he? More info as it gets to me.