EDITORIAL: The Best E3 Coverage – and it’s not IGN

EDITORIAL: The Best E3 Coverage – and it’s not IGN

by May 31, 1999

Ah yes, E3. The three days when the industry gets hyped of all the new games/prototypes/systems that are to come. And there is literally no way of finding out what happened unless the media is there? So, in the next few lines, I’ll be explaning why some sites did nothing and others truly shined.

First, let’s start off with IGN and their network of affiliates. Their coverage of the event itself was brilliant. But, of course, I focus on the Sega side of things. And I felt that their coverage of Sega’s games, events, and the Dreamcast, was lacking in a way. This was probably due to all the hype of Nintendo’s Dolphin and Sony’s Playstation 2. (Which turned out to be really ludicrous.) However, I must say that the coverage of the Sega conferences was very good.

Now over to Sega Otaku. Yes, their coverage of E3 was good, but the webmasters overhyped it and their coverage. To be very frank, they were name calling a site webmaster rotten things after the event. That is not only harassment, it is also wrong. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Now on to SegaNet. The coverage was excellent, but they didn’t report very much when the event was taking place. Excellent post-E3 coverage, though.

But Sega X- they know how to cover this event. Not only did they do updates during the show and had a ton of stories, plus pictures and videos, they did so many updates at some many different times, I wonder how they got to see all the games! So they get my congratulations for the best E3 coverage.

Notice how GameSpot isn’t mentioned in here (until now). That’s because they have been known to report false information (they are basically the web site version of EGM) so I passed them by.