Dreamcast in TV Hebdo

Dreamcast in TV Hebdo

by June 4, 1999

If you want to know the Canadian price, here’s your chance. Read this short article with SonKnuck’s pointers in the parentheses:

The news, it’s the console Dreamcast, that will be given the 9 September, at 299$(Canadian price in USA you already know it’s 199$ I think). Sega includes a 56K modem; players can connect together with other players to play on internet! The campaign of marketing is about 100$ millions in North America. The 9 of the 9 1999, it’ll be impossible to keep silence about the Sega Dreamcast.

Some games:

– Sonic Adventure: The blue hedgehog is faster than ever!

– Virtua Fighter 3tb: The more recent in the series.

– The House of The Dead 2: Zombies want eliminate the humanity.

– Cart Racing: A driving game and competition.

– Mortal Combat Gold: 20 Fighters fighting.

– Ready 2 Rumble: A boxing game.

– Soul Calibur: A fighting game.