More Secrets: All Sonic News

More Secrets: All Sonic News

by June 23, 1999

I got an E-Mail from SonKnuck about the state of SAS:

I think I’ll start with the good news, it will keep me more happy!

First of all, I noticed to have as a secrets sonic game one game was missing! Sonic Crackers! Yes, I know, the ROM is really incomplete and the only thing it are Sonic and Tails, some spikes, springs, and a floor. Well, I decided to redo the whole ROM but this time with rings and ennemies in it!

Secondly, I know some of you got some troubles downloading the demo of SAS. So, I’ll move the demo to another server if I can get the authorization.

As the demo was like a beta I asked to Damian Grove to fix the bugs in the game because I am actually very busy on something else. The bugs that was in the demo are only some monitors not working yet and some collisions with the floor not implented. He said he was going to do it as fast as he can!

Now, with the bad news, … I’m gonna cry! Unfortunately, I tried to do the right map for Sonic 3D Blast with MMF but actually, it seems impossible! So, I’ll have to remove it from the game. Too bad! However, I won’t delete it from the complete file so if you are good enough to find the password to it, it’ll be possible to play the incomplete Green Grove Zone Act 1 or Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 when the complete version will be out.

When I get another E-Mail from him, I’ll let you know.