EDITORIAL: Chupamedia and Censorship

EDITORIAL: Chupamedia and Censorship

by June 30, 1999

Since some of you have been following TSSZ the past couple of weeks, you probably know the problem at hand. Laine and the rest of the staff have been censored in a way; Fernando Mosquera at Seganet has told them to tone down the swearing and adult themes. This raises several new questions.

First, should Chupamedia move? Well, I took a poll, and the majority said yes. Junon said that he was considering it. And many of the forumers said to do it; me included. But how would this affect the site? Well, first of all, it would probably mean several less hits due to much less exposure. And we wouldn’t want that, since it would cause some lack of updates.

That brings me to the current state of events; Junon hasn’t updated in a week, which is very peculiar. She has informed us that there is a Flash 3 site in the works. That isn’t a bad idea, but it is severely affecting updates. Other staff members could do it. And yes, I know other members could not get in. I believe that has ended and FTP is running again.

But the major point I want to draw your attention to is the censorship part. The swearing, blowing off, and adult themes were a major part of the site; many fans came to visit that only. Can censorship cause a decline in websites’ attention, or an outpouring of support? We’ve seen R and X rated sites that get a number of hits a day, but when they are gone or censored, a controversy is made. Chupamedia is probably an example of this. There’s been a great deal of support to get it back to the way it was. Sadly, it may not turn out that way.

UPDATE: GameFan has reported that the SA soundtrack will be changed for the US; something that was called a rumor by many. Now, I do trust GameFan; whereas if EGM reported on it, I wouldn’t believe it. I’ll keep you posted.