Fan News 7/5/1999

Fan News 7/5/1999

by July 5, 1999

Three new artists have joined The Sonic Saga: HyperKnux1, who will draw the covers; and also Maria Ki, a Main Artist. To look at her work, get to FInally, there’s Rina Cat, another Main Artist. She is known for her “When a Bunny Meets a Bunny” @ Team Artail.

A new fan magazine is on the way. It’s from Neon Chaos, webmaster of Sonic Adventure: Total Neon. Here’s what he said on his site:

Emerald Dreams is a online Sonic magazine which features fan made comic, editorials, cool downloads, and an offical The Sonic Saga section with stuff about it. The first 3 issues will come out bimonthly and then if people want me, I’ll start doing it monthly.

Number one is coming this month, and from what I’ve seen, it looks to be pretty good. Check it out here.