Sonic Stuff Research Group Moves

Sonic Stuff Research Group Moves

by July 6, 1999

Here’s the word straight from Andy Wolan concerning S2Beta and the other sites that make up the Sonic Stuff Research Group:

Where did the Sonic Stuff Research Group, SOSTH, Simons Sonic 2 Beta page, etc go? Well, they are still on the ‘Zone. We moved the section to Unfortunatly, the new domain name has not probigated through all the world’s DNS servers yet. (I think that’s the reason.) In any event, it shoul dbe back up shortly. We appolgize for the problems.

To make up for it, we will have a new layout for the SSRG main page. 🙂

And here’s the official word from Andre Dirk on Emu Zone about the state of SoSTH:

Everyone’s favourite site, ‘Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog’, has left the Emulation Zone server and move onto greener pastures. It is on a temporary server during the move, so use to see the latest on the move. There was some controversy over why the site was down for a few days. It’s all been sorted out now (let’s just say that someone was faking some E-mails).Even bigger news, though, is that thanks to the kind donation of FTP space by SOSTH fans, the ROM section will be returning (with G-Sonic following) and an incredible MP3 section to blow your mind! And maybe more..MUCH MORE!!