Sonic Adventure Limited Edition: Two Viewpoints

Sonic Adventure Limited Edition: Two Viewpoints

by July 16, 1999

Here’s SegaNet’s viewpoint:

The only title available for rental with the Dreamcast at Hollywood Video is Sonic Adventure Limited Edition. SA:LE is for all intents and purposes Sonic Adventure Japanese but with English text and voice acting. None of the promised camera changes, glitches, or collision fixes have been implemented into SA:LE, a fact that’s sure to leave more than a few American DC renters frustrated.

The translated text and voice in SA:LE is the typical videogame variety – not too good, but not completely horrid. I suppose the text is decent enough, but the actual voice acting is completely off and about as well done as a low-grade Saturday morning cartoon. I for one had hoped Sonic would receive better treatment, but alas it was not to be.

Here’s Sega X’s Viewpoint, outlining all of the good points:

Sonic Adventure and the US Dreamcast went on rental today at over 1,000 Hollywood Video locations. For a measly $20 and $350 refundable deposit you too can now take home Sega’s flaship 3D title for two whole days. As we reported briefly from E3, the major difference in the US version of Sonic Adenture, other than some very minor graphical enhancements, are the english voiceovers for all the characters. If you’ve played the import version, and didn’t understand a word, now you can know what Sonic and his friends were babbling about throughout the game. The voiceovers done by Sega of America are more than satisfactory. In fact, Sonic’s voice sounds very similar to his Japanese counterpart.

If you haven’t played Sonic Adventure yet, we recommend that you drop by your local Hollywood Video store and take it for a spin. Sega of America and Hollywood Video’s Dreamcast pre-rental campaign will continue right up to the system’s launch, with a new title made available for rent every two weeks. On a final note, Sega of America is planning to launch a Sonic Adventure specific section to their site, for news, downloads, rankings, etc. after the game’s launch in the US.