SSRG Language News

SSRG Language News

by August 4, 1999

Those who speak Portuguese and Spanish, you’re in luck:

A Portuguese mirror of the SSRG site has been layouted. However, don’t expect it to be release until September at the earlist. It will be headed by Sephiroth of ‘Zone and DarkNes DOS fame.

Expect an Spanish mirror of Area 51 and Tom’s page shortly, since Miguel has sent me the translated text. And speaking of Tom’s page, he added a interesting collection of hacked savestates to his site, so you might want to check it now ASAP.

Yes, the Lock-On Technolgy Hacking Page is being worked on. In fact, the new version is being worked on as we speak. It’s currently only accessible to a slect few so I can get proper feedback on any errors before it goes public.

And finally, remember the Sonic 1 content I was going to post last week or so? Well, I gave it to Saxman. Manic and himself will be posting that and other new and exciting stuff on the Sonic 1 hacking page shortly.