SP Crisis: Dr. Zac Denies any Wrongdoing

SP Crisis: Dr. Zac Denies any Wrongdoing

by August 6, 1999

Yes, the anonymous person I was talking about was Zac. He E-Mailed me:

I have just had a look at your news page and you say that Soneec has told you someone was behind the SP shutdown. Well, I’m betting that I
am supposedly that mysterious person, but she has no idea what she’s talking about!

I did NOT report Sonic Pandemonium to Xoom, as many people suggest. I admit that I threatened to do it, and I now feel very foolish for doing so; but I did NOT carry that threat into practise!

I do not know why Xoom deleted the site, but I have theories; Soneec actually asked Xoom if her site was illegal, and they probably looked at the files directory for MP3s (of which the site had none) and told her it wasn’t. I guess they looked again in more detail when they had the time and found the ROMs page or something (yes, she did have a ROMs page, and all ROMs are illegal) and realised it was illegal and pulled it. Someone also said that they found the page in the maintanance section of Xoom, so maybe it hasn’t gone forever.

More updates soon…