Chupamedia Shutting Down

Chupamedia Shutting Down

by August 26, 1999

During the summer, Laine has been on vacation. Junon, the current webmaster, has not talked to her about the closure yet. Apparently there is still a chance it will stay open, as Junon has said she has a backup of the files. Again, some form of an announcement should be made next week.
8.25: There is new information regarding Chupamedia’s shutdown. I’m going to show a few quotes from the staff. First, a nasty one from Learsi Bathory:

Well… The end of Chupamedia is near… I had foreseen this event since day one… but kept it to myself all along…

If you are a loyal Chupamedia fan… than you want an answer right? well… I cannot provide you with one… but I will give you a clue.

“If you want to blame someone for the downfall of Chupamedia, then… here I am… Chupamedia is going down… cause I said so… and no one has the power to do anything about it…

I never liked this site ever since I join it, and I will never like it even after its death…

So Say good bye to this *expletive*!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

The Powerful Prince Of Saiya has destroyed yet another kingdom… I the Bathory… Never cared about you.

Next, John Broughton, one or the newer members:

Everyone of you shocked, and gloomy Chupamedia fans deserve a hand, for sticking with the site for so very long. Without you guys this site wouldn’t be here and it’s you, who will have to deal with the loss of Chupamedia. I, along with the rest of the staff would really like to apologize for the recent news of Chupamedia’s death. We just thought best, to close down the site and never touch it again.
It’s not over yet however, we still have a little more time before everything is dumped. So please, stay and get your Chupa fix for the last bit of time this site will be up. You owe it to yourself.

And, finally, from Junon, the current head of the site:

The decision suddenly came to my head, within the next couple of weeks heading our way, the end of Chupamedia will occur. The end of the Greenest Chupa Site on the Net will be wrapped up and smoked until we can’t smoke it anymore.

Yes friends, family and loved ones, the unthinkable has happened and it’s time to put this site to rest once and for all… while I would have had something planned for a grand finale, it isn’t going to happen… so I guess it’s just good bye when that time comes.

I can hear the laughter now from our enemies now, they probably feel victorious at this moment, we’ll let them have this victory, believe it or not, some people wanted Chupamedia to dwindle and perish into nothingness… by now our enemies must be dancing around our grave site as we speak preparing to bury us once and for all.

I cannot explain why we’re allowing Chupamedia to perish, all I can say is that it’s time to move on to better things… think of this as a move from PSX to Dreamcast. Once you’ve felt the power of DC you can’t go back to PSX, that has happened to us and that’s just it…

Yes Chupamedia is going away in a couple of weeks from now, regular updates will continue as it normally would until the end, and the MP3s and Videos will still be here, also at the end, I would like all of you to be here as we will send the old Chupa back to his home world as we depart for ourselves… and one more thing to all the “opposers” of Chupamedia… Mark my words, One day… payback from me is going to be a real *expletive*… >:)

Right now, Seganet forumers are in outrage. Now, some signs point to Junon finding better work on making web pages for businesses, and some point to all staff having a lack of interest in the site. We will never know until next week, when Junon is expected to make an announcement. More as it becomes available.

8.24: This is not a joke. Following a battle with censorship and staff members AWOL, Chupamedia, the wildly funny Seganet affiliate, and the only site with in-game SA music, is shutting down.

Why is this happening? Details are sketchy right now, but it appears that it is because of staff being gone most of the time, and because the staff has no interest in the site anymore. Again, these are preliminary thoughts.

It appears the site will be shut down at the end of the month. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the files on the site will be available after the site’s closure.

The Sonic Scene will have more on this tomorrow morning, as I should learn more info tonight or tomorrow.