Official Word on Chupamedia’s Shutdown

Official Word on Chupamedia’s Shutdown

by August 31, 1999

Junon gives us all the sad news: the site is going down and nothing can stop it.

This is pretty much the last week that Chupamedia will rule supreme over all as the “Most Electrifying” Chupa Site on the planet! Screw that, as the GREATEST Site know to man! Even though this site is still basically NEW (since it’s last redesign) it’s short life will soon come to an end (estimating around this weekend or early next week).

Laine and Indigo have already been ejected out into space and now I need to rid myself of the other staffers, somehow. ;P

Well, I take it that you want an explanation of why, who, what, where, when and how. Let me sum it up for ya:

WHO: The Bathory, because of this man, Chupamedia dies, he is the cause of it all and now the evil that he has done cannot be undone for the Prince of Saiya once more has brought another kingdom to it’s feet.

WHAT: Chupamedia, it is not longer anything we wish to continue on working with. It was a quick cheap setup since the beginning and it will be ’till then end. It’s not worth the hassle anymore.

WHERE:, we’ve been apart of this domain for awhile, since December ’98 I assume. It’s a pity that Chupamedia could not make it ’till December ’99.

WHEN: Next week, or by the end of this one, it all depends on how -I- feel at that time. If I was anymore into a (Deleted) mood that I am in at this moment, I would have hit the DELETE key first thing this morning.

HOW: Well, this all started off when Bathory and I got into a fist fight, I got my ass kicked and was slammed against a wall really hard and knocked my head against it, I had a cool cut on my forehead which gushed out a good amount of blood, after the fight we went to McDonald’s for dinner and we talked about the site and the future it holds. After about 2 hours of talking about how much Withcery kicked ass 3 weeks ago at the Witch Hunt Tour we began speaking of Chupamedia, “Kill it!” screamed out Bathory, and I agreed…Chupamedia holds no real future…I feel that the site cannot be moved further than what it already has accomplished, the site wasn’t built to evolve and grow to fit our needs, we felt we need more that we need to do something other than what we do, but unfortunately Chupamedia cannot help us with that…so the decision to pull the shotgun on old Chupa came to mind, and it is happening.

I apologize to all the people who loved -Chupamedia- but the matter of the fact is that we don’t love it anymore to point as to where we do not want work with this site.

I’ve played Dreamcast and I like it a lot, this site is Playstation… … … …

Junon is asking all who have visited the site to come on the final day for some sort of memorial. I’ll be there, and I’ll have all the details.