Morning Briefing 9/3/1999

Morning Briefing 9/3/1999

by September 3, 1999

All performers/artists at the MTV Video Music Awards will receive a little gift…and it won’t be the award for their category. It will be a new Dreamcast, courtesy of Sega, who is sponsoring the event.

Ken Penders, well known for his work on the Sonic and Knuckles comic series, said that Sonic Underground was “Doomed from the Get-Go”. Details and reaction this afternoon.

The official DC launch list was unveiled yesterday, and, thankfully, nothing has changed.

And finally, yesterday was the Internet’s 30th birthday. So, from I, Tristan, happy birthday Internet. I’d bake a cake for you, but then I think the entire Web would shut down after you gobbled it up and it blocked your ‘arteries’…