Fernando Leaves SegaNet, Leaves Affiliates in Limbo

Fernando Leaves SegaNet, Leaves Affiliates in Limbo

by September 12, 1999

Perfect Zero is reporting this:

Well, it seems this week that the Dreamcast wasn’t the only sell-out, our landlord, the man himself that so many had respect for running the best Sega Fan Site out there has turned out to be a huge anal probe, no a huge Vibrating Anal Probe, with Multi-shock Action. Leaving SegaNet without letting anyone know, backstabbed Gamers’ Republic and leaving the affiliates with no clue as to what is going on, Fernando defuncts and drops his own to be pimped by GameFan.com. Yes, GameFan now has a backstabbin’ whore on their side. Don’t get me wrong, GameFan kicks ass, but I fear for them, because I do believe that in time, Fernando will backstab them as well.

What’s to become of SegaNet.com? And what’s to become of the Affiliates? We first of all, we already have our Domain Name and Server going, so it’s not much of a problem for us at all. As for UK Resistance, Genesis Revelations and Sega Cheats Net, I do not know…you guys wanna join up with us I guess? @_@;;

No one can currently log into SegaNet.com so none of these guys can update their pages with anything at all, I am just glad that I’ve installed that small CGI-Script that allowed me to make small changes to our page (whew) without FTP Access.

There is nothing much I can do now, it’s all up to Gamers’ Republic, for the fate of SegaNet and the affiliates rest upon them now.

So it looks like the newly formed PZ will stay intact, but what about UK:R, Genesis Revelations, and Sega Cheat Net? We should find out soon.