Mosquera Officially Joins GameFan

Mosquera Officially Joins GameFan

by September 27, 1999

Fernando Mosquera, who is being called some nasty things from several former SegaNet allies and current rivals, made a statement on GameFan’s home page:

Hello Gang,

This is Fernando Mosquera, webmaster and owner of SegaNet. I’m writing this notice to welcome you all to my new home: GameFan Online! I have joined the talented and dedicated team here at GFO to do what I do best: Provide up-to-date coverage of all things Sega and Dreamcast. I’m now heading up GFO’s Sega sub-site, and I’ll bring to my new home the very same passion, dedication, and magic that I brought to SegaNet during its existence.

As of late, SegaNet and I have endured some troubling times, but now that I’ve settled in at GameFan, I am ready to prosper once again. Of course, my success in doing this has always been due, in large part, to your support. It is you, the guys and gals that visit the site on a daily basis that make my career in video games a possibility. Day after day you visit the site, send me words of encouragement, provide me with content, and spread the word about my work… I could never thank you enough for being so great to me.

With the Dreamcast successfully launched in America, and the European launch looming, it’s time to appreciate the past while moving on to the future. My future is GameFan Online – it is my goal for 1999 to make GameFan Online’s Sega section as respected and appreciated as SegaNet was. I hope you will support me on this quest, because without you, it just won’t happen.

Once again, I thank you for your continued support and understanding. I look forward to making GameFan Online the premiere place for Sega fans! As always, if you need to get in touch, you can shoot me off an e-mail at

SegaNet’s domain currently points to GF Online; it was pointing to Gamers’ Republic. As for the SegaNet affiliates? There still isn’t a clue as to their whereabouts and possible return.