EDITORIAL: Could Sega Finally Take Back the Video Game Market?

EDITORIAL: Could Sega Finally Take Back the Video Game Market?

by October 31, 1999

After this large month for the Dreamcast, lots of things are changing. Sega has re-evaluated their sales goals, and they may very well make them. Games are selling like hotcakes. And, finally, after about half a dozen years, Sega seems healthy again.

Is this a sign of hope? Most definitely. Many people have low hopes for the upcoming Playstation 2, and, as for Nintendo’s Dolphin, seeing as how the 64DD was delayed endlessly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dolphin met a similar fate. This should give Sega plenty of time to ‘catch up’ and get a piece of the market again.

What if Sega screws up? In a way, they already did. Sega of America sent out defective discs, and that created some havoc, but no real damage was done.

But Sega of Japan may have made the real mistake. In a country where the DC isn’t doing well at all, Shenmue, the epic by Yu Suzuki, has been delayed until Spring of 2000, supposedly after the PS2 launch. And if Sony has a bigger impact with this machine than anyone thinks, the Dreamcast is in serious trouble in Japan.

But, for right now, Sega looks good in the US. If they don’t do anything too stupid, or delay major titles, Sega could easily take a bite out of Sony’s block.