Multiple Sonic Fan Games Have CIH Virus?

Multiple Sonic Fan Games Have CIH Virus?

by November 9, 1999

When a surfer on Rlan’s Message Board, RTE, saw that a fan game may have had the CIH virus, he decided to check out some more things on his computer. This is what he found:

I was afraid my computer had a virus because it was running funny and a few apps wouldn’t run. TGF games just quit as soon as they start. and tons of games said I didn’t have enough memory (SES, Sonic Returns Demo). I begged A.J. Freda for a little DOS virus checker he has, which can find over 40000 different viruses, and tons and tons of files, just about EVERY single file in windows was infected with the CIH virus!!!! But I am hoping it is getting fixed now.

RTE then found out that over 500 files had the CIH virus on his computer. Apparently, some other fan games had it too. What those game were are still yet to be known. Then again, others are checking the games with their virus scan console and saw nothing. We’ll keep you posted on this, as another alert surfer has said that Sonic Y2K Extreme still has the CIH virus.

11/8: Rlan made a big discovery today and immediately fixed it-one of the game he had on the Sonic Fan Games HQ may have had a virus.

The game Sonic Y2K Extreme may have had the CIH virus, a virus that can destroy your hard drive in a snap. An alert surfer and gamer caught this, and Rlan immediately re-uploaded the file, virus free, at least that’s what one would hope.

If you have downloaded this game before today, the 8th, please, run it through a virus scan program and delete the file immediately. You could be saving yourself a lot of grief in the end.