November 1999 Site Sweeps

November 1999 Site Sweeps

by December 2, 1999

In February, May, July, and November, the Nielsen company does something called “Sweeps”, where they basically look at how many homes are tuned in to a television or radio station at any given time during those months. These figures have been used to determine advertising rates for companies, and, overall, see how healthy the station is doing. Well, I have decided to do the same thing with Sonic sites, minus the ad part. Except this time, I did it in total secrecy.

I locked in hit counters from November 5 at 7PM EST, then I checked back tonight at 7. Here are the results:

For the Big 3, Sonic HQ came in first, with 37,978 hits during the sweeps, 12.3% of the current total. tSf came in second, with 21,619 hits, only 7.5% of the current total. Team Artail came in third, with 17,160 hits during Sweeps. However, that is 13.6% of their current total.

Notables: Perfect Chaos did well, with 3,956 hits, but it’s 7.9% of their total. TSSZ gained 1,429 hits, the best we’ve done in a while for a month period. That number is 16.2% of the total.

Over the weekend, we should have numbers for SegaSonic.Net, and possibly The Sonic Saga.