Red Mountain World Rankings Update

Red Mountain World Rankings Update

by January 3, 2000

The Knuckles in Red Mountain Time Attack is officially over, and Josh Feinberg makes a surprise move, just beating out Mitch:

1. Josh Feinberg, California, USA, 4.48 s

2. Mitch (Mankind23), Maryland, USA, 5.31 seconds

3. Flint Silvertree, Washington, USA, 5.49 s

5. PhaRciDE, New Jersey, USA, 5.54 s

4. Crimson_Fury, Toronto, Canada, 5.97 s

6. Darell (Firehawk), Ontario, Canada, 6.48 s

7. Fighter, Hyogo, Japan, 6.49 s

7. CLOUDnSQUALL, Bronx, NYC, USA, 6.59 s

8. daZed (aka SPooN), Ohio, USA, 6.63 s

9. ICE-T, Totigi, Japan, 6.63 s

Only 2.15 seconds separated 1st from 10th, up 7 tenths from out last update. Still, only 518 records were submitted the whole time.

In Feiberg’s latest comment, there was no “Thanks Nekomimi” entered. Perhaps it was because of the run “The Run”. As we all know, emerald shard locations are selected randomly. Well, it appears one of those random locations is lined up, one ahead of the other, allowing for ease of beating the level with a low time.

Another event is the North America only Sonic2K attack. This time, you play Tails in Sand Hill, getting 10 special goal posts. There’s only about a week left, so check the stats, and post quickly American Sonic fans:

1. daZed (aka SPooN), Ohio, 44.23 s

2. Josh Feinberg, California, 44.26 s

3. Mitch (Mankind23), Maryland, 44.26 s

4. CLOUDnSQUALL, Bronx, New York City, 44.38 s

5. PhaRciDE, New Jersey, 44.39 s

6. Flint Silvertree, Washington, 44.41 s

7. MaRvEl, Missouri, 44.44 s

8. Steve Karpeal, Pennsylvania, 44.46 s

9. Craig Clark, Shelborne, Canada, 44.48 s

10. Eric Hazen (Inferno), Florida, 44.53 s

11. Flyojumper, California, 44.53 s

12. Peng Lin, Arizona, 44.54 s

13. Nitrix, Nevada, 44.56 s

14. Brandon, South Carolina , 44.56 s

15. Steve Karpeal, New Pennsylvania, 44.58 s

There is still a very tiny margin separating 1st from 15th, .35 seconds. When we last updated the stats, the gap was .44 seconds. Here are two interesting points: It appears Mitch has entered twice under a different name. It’s hard to tell if they are indeed different, but we’ll let you know. Second, Flyojumper appears to be from California, ending the report we made last time that France had a chance to get in there.