STJR’s Sonic Quest: Sonikku’s Ideas

STJR’s Sonic Quest: Sonikku’s Ideas

by January 28, 2000

Sonikku has been taking ideas for their planned Sonic RPG, Sonic Quest. These are some ideas he has:

I think I might make a new engine – here’s a quick idea of what I have in mind…

* When you see an enemy, you enter a fight (I think everyone gets annoyed after the 4,500th battle… including me. =P)

* You get a turn gauge, as with most RPGs.

* When it’s full, you can move around the battle field given a set number of movement points. When you’re close enough, you can attack an enemy.

* Chaos Power attacks can work from any distance.

* You can use the movement system to run away from enemies, or to dodge projectile attacks, etc.

With this in mind, it looks like the battle system will be more along the line of big time RPGs. We’ll keep you updated.