Sonic Robo Blast to be Redone as Version 1.5

Sonic Robo Blast to be Redone as Version 1.5

by February 18, 2000

Yes indeed. The original SRB will be completely re-done. Mr. Encyclopedia, VP of STJR, said this on the STJR MB:

-Gameplay and story vaguely similar to the original SRB1! That’s right, the same Levels and Plot as SRB1, but easier to understand, and better voice acting!

-A virtually bug-free collision detection system! That’s right, no more “Why did I lose my rings when I jumped on that badnik?”

-The Sonic sprite from SRB2! That’s right, AJ Freda’s heart and soul will be zooming across your screen at blinding speeds!

-All the secrets from SRB1, and much, much more! That, right, all the Super Levels and Hyper levels and maybe even a few ULTRAMEGAZAPPO levels!

-Graphics exactly 42.42 times better than the original, meaning MORE GRAPHICS PER SQUARE INCH!

-More Multiplayer options, including Grab the Rings, the classic racing mode, and a host of mini-games unlocked throughout the game!

-Original Midis made by whoever I can get to make original Midis for me!

But, will this conflict with SRB2 development? Not really, as Sonikku explains:

I suppose this is the version of SRB that’s ‘officially endorsed’ – though Mach is making it (from what I understand) on his own, it’s the official update, so before anyone expects that’ll all suddenly drop everything and rush to work on it, well… it won’t. You’ll have to yell at Mach if you don’t think it’s going along quick enough! ūüėČ

Seriously though, it uses the old SRB2:2D-TGF engine, which was a hell of a lot better than the SRB1 engine, as it featured the end of the ‘Killing Dead’ bug, and featured enemy bounce, super sonic, special stages, save games, etc.

A demo is expected by Easter, but stay tuned for any further information.