SRB2 Xmas v0.92 First Impressions

SRB2 Xmas v0.92 First Impressions

by February 27, 2000

Well, to be quite frank, some things have changed, and some things that needed to be changed were not. Let’s start off with the changes.

First and foremost, that annoying SIGSEGV error that was wildly present in the original SRB2XMAS is gone in some places, but not in others. You will still get many errors when heading into later levels, and if you don’t save your game, that can be a drag.

Remember those options that were present in SRB2 Halloween (better referred to as ‘Useless Options’)? Well, they are back, and I like them. You can tinker around with those options, and it makes the game a bit more fun to play. (Of course, changing gravity won’t do you any good when you’re in competitions.)

The level layout has been changed ever so slightly, with some new springs here and there. But there are also monitors. Now, you can invincibility, a shield, and even some extra rings.

Now to the bad stuff: Those horrendous camera problems still remain, and they are very noticeable. In fact, in later levels, they can seriously detract from gameplay, even kill you in some areas. And that is almost unacceptable. But hopefully, these problems will be solved when the final version comes around.

Also, for some reason, the collision detection seems a bit worse than the previous version. I jumped on one badnik in the final level, and usually that means the badnik dies. Well, guess what–I died.

That said, I do recommend this game to those who had problems with the previous version, since you might find this more stable. But STJR needs to work on this a bit more-especially with cameras-if it wants to get an A when I review the final version.