STJR Member Stealth Quits

STJR Member Stealth Quits

by February 27, 2000

Stealth has once again quit Sonic Team Junior; if you can remember, he quit once before. Here’s Sonikku with the info:

Stealth messaged me yesterday saying that he was seriously considering leaving, and he did so quite politely, saying he wasn’t happy with his other employees, and he wished us good luck and said he might come back, but thought that multiple programmers was going to be our undoing (as he thought the whole 2D -> 3D premise was going to be our undoing also).

But then I found out that he’d been telling a rather different story, and that Rocket was and idiot for implementing his 120fps idea. Now, to me, it seems a little unfair to critize people for their ideas, alright, it was a long shot in the end, but a nice idea, nonetheless.

AJ, while he can rub most of us in the wrong direction sometimes, usually delivers the goods, and as far as animation goes, he’s the best. His programming, though sometimes a bit buggy usually ends up being fixed… oh BTW, they’re not being paid.

I’d rather not start another gargantuan flame war here, as with the Stealth / SRB2 2D -> 3D thing on AFSH, but it seems that Stealth was causing the hassle in the end, and to be honest, for $40 he’d not done anyway near as much as say, AJ.