February Sonic Site Sweeps Results

February Sonic Site Sweeps Results

by March 6, 2000

Remember this? Way back in November, I did something called “Sweeps”, a number-crunching statistics feature that showed the overall strength of several Sonic sites. Well, we’ve upped the ante to 10 Sonic sites, and the results are very surprising. We recorded results from February 6th @ 9 PM to March 3rd @ 6 PM.

Did Sonic HQ maintain its #1 spot? Actually, no, it lost it to Kedzie K’s The Sonic Foundation. His site took the number 1 spot with 23,434 hits. That average is down less than .1% compared to December and January’s average, but up 8.3% compared to November.

Sonic HQ’s numbers took a nosedive. They accumulated 18,293 hits in the sweeps, taking second, but not by much. That average is down 9.2% compared to the two month average before, but sharply down compared to last November, with a loss of 51.8%. Team Artail came in a very close third, with 17,055 hits accumulated. That’s down .6% compared to the previous average, and also down less than .6% compared to November.

Coming in fourth on the ten sites used is Rlan’s Sonic Fan Games HQ, a new entry, with 8873 hits. This easily beat out his competitor, Daniel Russell and the Electro Sonic Team, which accumulated 1642 hits, and unfortunately came in last overall.

SegaSonic.Net showed the greatest improvement from January to February, despite numerous server problems, and might be a sign of things to come. The site accumulated 6592 hits overall, and that is up 7.8% from January/December, the only improvement out of the ten. But they were down 5.4% from last November. Perfect Chaos took the next spot, 6th, with 6412 hits. That’s down 8.5% from Dec/Jan, but up a staggering 62.1% from November. The Sonic Stuff Research Group took 7th with 5155 hits. The Sonic Sages took 8th with 2628 hits. This site, TSSZ, took 9th, with 2353 hits. That’s down 13.3% from Dec/Jan’s average, but up a tremendous 64.7% from November. And EST came in 10th, as we pointed out.

Next up: May. Get ready…