ChuChu Rocket First Impressions

ChuChu Rocket First Impressions

by March 15, 2000

Let me tell you, never before have I played a puzzle based video game. Never. Why? Because, for some odd reason, I can never figure them out (and I play The Sims with no problem). So, you can imagine with ChuChu Rocket, I was a bit concerned. After all, I’m a bit new to the genre. So, how did the first run go? Wonderfully.

CCR is very addictive, and, at the same time, easy to learn and understand. I do suggest you read the instructions, preferably in the game, because that is where it is explained the best. Then, go into the 1P Puzzle Mode, and try some things out.

Here is how that mode goes: You more or less have to figure out where to place arrows so the mice can blast off, without A) Having the cats run into you, B) Having the mice fall into bottomless pits, and C) Having the cats run into rockets. You have 25 easy levels to start off, and you can progress and unlock tougher levels. Quite simple.

The other mode I want to talk about is the 1-4 player Battle Mode. That above all is the most addictive thing on this disc, even when playing alone and not online (which was what most of my time was spent doing!) In this mode, you have to place arrows very carefully so that you get the most amount of mice and the other players get cats. Extras include the golden mice worth 50 points, and the ? mice, where a roulette begins, and events from Mouse Monopoly to Cat Attack occur. It is not as easy as it looks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: What about online? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I am going to cover that right now. There are two separate online areas, the Online Battle Mode, and the Homepage mode. With Homepage, you get to see a brand new browser with new features. It looks a Heck of a lot spiffier than PlanetWeb’s Browser, and I’m glad it was implemented. The Online Battle Mode is where you are taken to a gateway area, where you can access 2 Japanese servers, and 8 US servers. Now, along the line, you will see little notes posted helping you along the way, which I like. You can set up your own room as well. The interface is much like that of FTP programs, so those familiar with that should be okay. For others, the process might be a bit complicated.

Those are the four things I did want to cover in this first impression. Next week, I’ll have a full review, hot and fresh for you.