RX-3 Auction Update: Auctioneer Under NDA

RX-3 Auction Update: Auctioneer Under NDA

by March 26, 2000

Apparently, this auctioneer didn’t just get my E-mail, he got several, and he has placed one big response to them all on the auction page:

These are some new games I have come across, I can only hope this adds to your enjoyment of the system;)

Duke Nukem 3D
Diehard Trilogy
Madden 98
Virtual Cop 2
Sonic 3d Blast
Resident Evil

In response to all of your e-mails I need to state that I am under an NDA, (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with SEGA. What this means is that I am not allowed to release the specific system specs (believe me, there’s a lot more), any pictures and I mean any, or in any way talk about what the system does special for developers, etc.. to any depth. I am sorry for this but the NDA does not allow it, what it does allow is for me to sell it;) And to disclose some information in generic areas. I hope this clears up a lot more of the confusion.

So, I ask to anyone here in the Sonic community who has 750 bucks to blow (current bid has risen to 740 dollars), please get this thing!!!