SA2, SA “Party” Title at E3?

SA2, SA “Party” Title at E3?

by April 19, 2000

This from Daily Radar could be the news we have been waiting for, with E3 a month away.

We don’t have much in the way of information as yet, but we do know that there are two new Sonic the Hedgehog games headed your way soon. Likely to be the first off the Sega production line is a game now known as Sonic Shuffle. Although details regarding gameplay are scarce, we do know that it’s a multi-player event game, not entirely dissimilar in style to Mario Party. We also know that it was formerly known as, or at least code-named, Sonic Party. Expect to see several famous Sega characters, hopefully including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Vector Man, Shinobi, the VF crew, and others appear in the game.

The other game, possibly imaginatively titled Sonic Adventure 2, is a sequel to Sonic Adventure…and promises much more elaborate and attractive Sonic the Hedgehog patented super fast gameplay. Our Japanese spies report that the game is a much more ambitious and less-hastily assembled effort, likely to take full advantage of the cavernous Dreamcast power. Nobody from Sega of America was prepared to comment, but we hope to see one or both of these titles at the upcoming E3 Expo.

We have heard reports that SA2 will be made by developers @ Sega of America, though there is not enough information to confirm this yet. We will keep you posted.