Some Sonic Team JR Plans Delayed

Some Sonic Team JR Plans Delayed

by April 25, 2000

Sonikku explains why things that were meant to be up this week, well…aren’t:

Well, I know stuff was meant to be up today / tomorrow, but I didn’t anticipate that on a normal visit to my step-grandma, some jerk would stop for a pheasant and cause a 5-car crash, including me. I’m still alive and well (as is the rest of my family, hurrah!) and… stop booing back there!

Anyway, on top of this, my school has decided to make me go back tomorrow instead of Thursday. Whoopee. I was hoping I could do my homework on Tuesday and Wednesday… pants. Oh well, I’ll get it done (I hope. =S)

Meanwhile, this hasn’t hindered SRB2 stuff, in fact, it’s helped me: No, I didn’t have some massive near-death flash forward/back blahblah as the TV says, I just did some level designing work, meaning I’ve revised GFZ2 and I’ve got a new XMAS level lined up.