“Mr. EB” Sets Record Straight About Upcoming DC Games

“Mr. EB” Sets Record Straight About Upcoming DC Games

by April 26, 2000

Here are four corrections/retractions to what was at the EB Vendor Show, courtesy of the DC Tech Pages:

#1. They never made a price drop official. Just that slight hint I told you about earlier.

#2. There was never anything even resembling Virtua Fighter 4 on the video tape. I have a copy of the tape and there is nothing remotely like that on it.

#3. Rainbow 6 is done. I played the gold version at the show. How do I know it was a gold? I made the Majesco rep show me the final disc. It does not have network play and it should be out the first week in May. The network WILL however be on display fully at E3.

#4. The Sega reps never said there would not be a DVD add-on. They have a working prototype, however they said that they know of several manufacturers that will be releasing DVD players at sub $100 prices by the PS2 launch. This has caused Sega to re-evaluate the situation. Unless they can get the add-on at the sub $70 level. forget about it.

Of course, we hope everything will be fully answered at E3, in less than a month…