Sonic Radio Moves to Live365

Sonic Radio Moves to Live365

by April 28, 2000

I received an E-Mail today from Sierra Ranay of SonicUnderground.Net, telling several people about the switch, and some other comments:

Okay, okay, OKAY! So RealPlayer episodes and Mycaster was a bad idea for Sonic R. I finally got Live365 (As suggested by my friend Bug), and finally FINALLY gone 24/7. I have yet to put up more stuff like the Sonic R Countdown and the Sonic R Show, but I DO got some music from Virtual Sonic CD uploaded (ones I was able to record that DIDN’T mess up [groan]). I’m also gonna do something about the request line and answering quicker ASAP. BTW, I was NOT too happy when someone asked me where to get a service that have free phone numbers for something I use
mine for: A Request Line. I DON’T like anyone copying my Request line idea, since I thought of it first.

…Ever since Sonic R started December 5th, 1998 (I had started episodes well before then thou), it was the ONLY one to be released due to problems with “ancient” equipment. But now I have the means necessary to make my show 24/7. Coincidently, it happened during this so-called “Sonic Radio Boom”, as Tristan puts it, but I ain’t one of the bad guy “polluting the internet with Sonic radio stations”. No. Sonic R was the first and oldest Sonic radio station on the internet…Anyway, I tried to get SHOUTcast working, but it won’t cooperate with me, so I’m using Live365 for help.
::Bows to Bug:: Thank you so much! Now you may check out Sonic R at

Quick note: You will need either Winamp or RealPlayer 7 to hear the station now.