EDITORIAL: Sega.Com – Will it Succeed?

EDITORIAL: Sega.Com – Will it Succeed?

by April 30, 2000

Sega.Com has been made to try and enhance the online aspect of games and gamers themselves. For $21.95 a month, you’ll get ‘Net access, enhanced for online gaming (meaning low ping times), E-Mail, a ‘portal’ and more. On top of that, you’ll also get a free DC, or a $200 rebate. Sounds good, but can the service pull through?

Well, in order for it to be, this service has to go global. The US and Canada will be the first to get this, but what about Europe? That is still in question. We don’t even know if Japan will get this either. If this service does not go to at least Europe, then Sega.Com might be seriously missing out on a large user base.

That brings me to this–what if one does surface? Will the network be able to support so many users online, or will we see SegaNet turn into another AOL? Sega.Com really needs to focus on this issue, especially with online gaming in the mix, or SegaNet could turn into one big traffic jam.

Now comes the price point- $21.95. By today’s standards, this is a bit pricey, but not enough to drive people away, in my opinion. Besides, you’re getting either a $200 rebate, or a free Dreamcast! With the Dreamcast, you’ll be able to use Sega’s online games, and probably not have to worry so much about poor performance or service.

With that all in mind, Sega has to get some stellar online games out for SegaNet at or near the ISP’s launch. ChuChu Rocket isn’t enough! PSO should be an easy port to the States and Europe if the Sonic Team has indeed broken the language barrier. Supposedly NFK and NBA 2K1 will be out near the ISP’s launch; if that’s true it could do wonders for Sega and Sega.Com. If we can get Quake on the DC (and, it looks very possible at this time), SegaNet could be a goldmine.

It’s hard to say what Sega.Com will do at this very early stage, but if things go as smoothly as the DC launches did, there may not be much to worry about. If a truckload of people sign up, then there might be reason to. Let’s just all hope the heads of the Sega.Com team are properly screwed in to their necks.