Sonic Saga RPG Game Planned

Sonic Saga RPG Game Planned

by April 30, 2000

Here is a statement from Dash:

I wanted to wait until I had some screen shots and a demo before I announced this, but because it would take to long for that to happen, and because people have been emailing me nonstop asking me what’s going on with TSS, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you what are plans are. I’ll just get to the point … NO, TSS IS NOT CANCELED! But it is no longer a comic, but instead, an RPG game. Here’s a message I posted on the Sonic Fan Games HQ Message Board (it’ll give you a little more info about it):

“Some of you *may* know me. My name is Russell Blakley and I was one of the higher ups at the fan comic “The Sonic Saga,” which didn’t go so well in the long run due to lack of motivation. Sure, it’s just a fan comic, not a fan game, so you may be wondering why I’m posting here … maybe. Well I’m glad to announce that I myself am working on a sonic ‘fan-game’ along with a few others. And I must say it’s a very neat and fun experience. I guess I could give you a little info about our new project if you’d like šŸ˜› Well, what we did was take our fan comic idea and move it into a new format. An RPG actually, which is more fitting because the comic was intended to have an RPG type feeling in the first place. The engine we’re using is open source, which leaves us endless possibilities of things we could do. A movie intro, transparency effects, layers, 3D models, the works! I’m very pleased with the results thus far and I’m sure everyone here will find it somewhat interesting and good enough to be added to the growing list of Sonic fan game projects. We’re trying new things and experimenting with new ideas so this game, which will stay true to the SegaSonic world, should also be very original in a sense of style, story, and game play.”

I will make another announcement about this when a demo is ready. Until then, just wait. Feel free to email me if you have any questions/flames/suggestions about this change of formats. Thank you.