Samba de Amigo News Shorts 5/3/2000

Samba de Amigo News Shorts 5/3/2000

by May 3, 2000

Already new music downloads are being posted by the Sonic Team for those who want to boogie with new tunes. If you own a Japanese DC, have Samba, and can access the Japanese DC network, head here to download the tunes. But be warned; it’s in Japanese…

And if you have Samba but don’t have the maracas, start looking on EBay, because you might be out of luck according to Sega X:

Have you been looking for a prized pair of those maracas to compliment your copy of Samba de Amigo? The import service, National Console Support, has reported that the peripheral is currently suffering from a severe product shortage. As it appears, Sega did not manufacture enough of the maracas to meet the incredible demand both domestically and abroad. Though the problem is being addressed, the situation looks grim for the time being since most of the overseas suppliers have closed till May 8th in observance of Japan’s extended holiday, Golden Week. Will the maracas become the hardest-to-find item since “Tickle Me Elmo” in 97? Possibly so, at least for the growing import community in the United States.

Considering the high price of the maracas, do not be shocked if these accessories shoot up in price as directed by import stores. We will follow the situation for you; we’ll probably soon see maracas on sale @ EBay, but only time will tell.