Fan News Shorts 5/4/2000

Fan News Shorts 5/4/2000

by May 4, 2000

The Lord of the Game Competition has been announced; FX Sonic divulged the details:

Everyone gets until 7/2/00 to make the best game you can in that time. You may use coding from another game to make it, but you cannot directly copy level design and/or cutscenes. Your game DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SONIC! It may be if you like, but it doesn’t have to be. All games must be UNPROTECTED and sent to me and any other judges (sign up on this post if you want to be one) by 7/2/00. Competition starts 5/2/00, although you can begin planning at any point. Once contest is over, games will be ranked and combined into one application (With flashy visuals… the application will be created by the judges), and then sent to Rlan for submission to SFGHQ. (so at least one person will have to make Sonic, but I doubt that’s a problem) Any and all people who wish to enter must inform me by 5/10/00 (Through AIM “FX Sonic 7” e-mail “” or by replying to this message board topic). If you do not, your submission will be ignored unless it’s REALLY good. Once again, the game MUST be started on 5/2/00 or later, you may not use an older game. Any and all who wish to be a judge for this contest, please (preferably) reply to this message, so that everyone sees that you shall be a judge. Maximum of 5 judges, including myself. Only 4 more people may apply. If you do not wish to inform me that you wish to be a judge by replying to this, send me an e-mail ( or contact me on AIM (FX Sonic 7). JUDGES MAY NOT GRADE THERE OWN GAME!

There, now that the formalities over, let me just address a couple small issues…

-Your game may be original, Sonic, Megaman, ANYTHING!

-If your game is very bad, I regret to inform you it will not be included in the final project.

-All factors will be reviewed, Graphics, Control, Storyline etc.

-If the contest is a success, it will be held again at a later date.

-The contest is open to everyone, NOT just STJR people.

-Teams may do a game together as a team. Each member is still allowed to make a separate entry.

~ahem~ There you have it folks! GET CRACKIN!

And in some SSRG related news; there apparently was a bit of a conflict of link re-naming procedures. We do not know much about it, but it looks like there was a bit of a misunderstanding and links were not to be re-named. The problem is fixed now, though, so you should be able to browse all of the SSRG without encountering any problems.