Why Are People Playing Samba de Amigo Without Maracas?

Why Are People Playing Samba de Amigo Without Maracas?

by May 9, 2000

It appears that some people can not pay the extra 70 bucks to get the full feel of the maraca shaking title. So, as a mini-public service announcement from IGN DC, this is what happens when you play with the controller:

Playing Samba De Amigo without maracas controllers is like playing House of the Dead II without a lightgun, Dance Dance Revolution without a dance pad, and Virtual On without a pair of twin sticks. At least, that’s how conventional wisdom goes. We believe something else, though, that playing Samba De Amigo without maracas is akin to ditching your standard Dreamcast controllers all together and having a go at Street Fighter or Sonic Adventure through some form of delusional mind control.

And yet, people are still playing the game without Maracas, apparently convincing themselves that they’re actually having fun. That may be the case, but let us assure all that, when playing through the control pad, you’re only getting a fraction of the experience.

So, as the old saying goes (kind of): “This is your fun factor. This is your fun factor on maracas. Any questions?”