Dreamcast Peripherals Revealed

Dreamcast Peripherals Revealed

by May 11, 2000

Here they are, straight from Sega:

— Ethernet Card — Allows gamers to easily upgrade their Sega Dreamcast unit to handle broadband Internet connections. This modular unit can easily be popped into the space housing the current 56K modem to allow for cable modem and DSL connections.

— MP3 player — Gamers can download all of their favorite MP3 tunes to this small VMU-sized player that slides easily into the Sega Dreamcast controller.

— Zip Drive — Creates the ideal storage facility for any files downloaded from the Internet via Sega Dreamcast.

— Sega Dreamcast Camera — Allows Sega Dreamcast users to view their online game-sparring opponents, as well as conduct teleconferences with friends by relaying video and audio signals over the Internet in real-time. This digital camera can also be used for taking still images and transporting them over the Internet using Sega Dreamcast.

— Sega Dreamcast Microphone — For use with the voice interactive title “Seaman(TM),” this microphone attaches to the Sega Dreamcast controller and allows players to verbally communicate with the game’s sophisticated artificial intelligence.

— Dreamcast Mouse and Keyboard — Navigating the Internet on Sega Dreamcast will be a breeze with these new additions, especially when perusing game scores and downloading special game augmentations at SegaNet.

— Colored Controllers and Visual Memory Units (VMUs) — Spanning the full spectrum of the rainbow (Sonic Blue, Zombie Green, Knuckles Red, Tails Yellow, Robotnik Black), Sega is unveiling
a wide array of colorful controllers and VMUs. The color-codedVMUs will make it easy to differentiate where each game is saved.