E3 2000: Shenmue, Power Stone 2 Impressions

E3 2000: Shenmue, Power Stone 2 Impressions

by May 12, 2000

The following are really quick bites from SegaDojo.

Shenmue: The work has begun on making the localization of Shenmue for Sega Dreamcast as incredible as it could possibly be…and I managed to get a glimpse of this product in action.

The game contains subtitles and voice acting at this point, both which are good (I didn’t hear enough voice acting, however). Of course, the in-game graphics are still smooth and the control is right there, making you feel like a part of the Shenmue world.

Power Stone 2: One of the main highlights at both the Sega and Capcom booths was the four-player madness that reigned in Capcom’s Dreamcast fighting game, Power Stone 2, which made a strong showing at E3.

Of course, the highlight is being able to try the four-player mode, which is just as insane as indicated. There’s plenty of weapons on each particular stage, and just the way some stages link together is brilliant. Of course, gameplay comes easy, and the graphics remain at a screaming 60 frames per second for that superior arcade look.