E3 2000: Sonic Square a Mario Party Ripoff?

E3 2000: Sonic Square a Mario Party Ripoff?

by May 12, 2000

SegaWeb brings out the most critical opinion seen so far from E3, and it’s about the new Sonic Square:

After staring at fish thingies at the Seaman stand, we shuffled over to Sonic Shuffle. We shuffled away just as quickly: this game is a blatant rip-off of Mario Party. It even features similar game structures: a blue square is +3 points, a red is -3, and exclamation points take gamers to mini-games.

There are two things worth noting. The first is the online capabilities. Up to four can play in the same game over SegaNet (which, we hear, is not Dolphin-friendly). The second is the celshading…We’ll have to see how this pans out.

Despite this, SegaWeb was kind enough to bring us over a dozen new pictures, which you can find here.