E3 2000: Tristan’s Movie Preview Impressions

E3 2000: Tristan’s Movie Preview Impressions

by May 14, 2000

I told you I’d look at the SegaDojo movies, and here they are:

Samba: Definitely the best one out of the rack. The 1-minute clip shows the end of a level, a music select, and a teensy-bit of the start of a new level. You can see your rank, point total, and more in the foreground, while at the same time looking at the colorful background. I saw “Livin’ La Vida Loca in the music select so this means that the game was basically slightly less Japanese in nature. That is, unless Sega came to terms with Sony…

Sonic Shuffle: Well, no mini-game, but I did see one board, and not much else. The game looks very incomplete from what I saw, and now I can understand why SegaWeb didn’t like this title at first. This game ought to be very interesting in terms of a final product.

PSO: There was no playable form, but the video showed a bit of in-game footage, and so far, Phantasy Star Online looks marvelous. You can interact with other players in real-time, and the battles don’t look so RPGish at this point. This could be a very nice RPG title for the Dreamcast if it stays on track.