Loads of New Sonic Windows Utilities Released

Loads of New Sonic Windows Utilities Released

by May 26, 2000

The SSRG has found some interesting programs to spice up Windows, Sonic style. Here’s Rlan:

Made with a special “TEDDY” Program, these are the different files:

Teddy.zip: the program to run them
chaoclock.zip: What you see above, its a Chao, and by going over it it tells you the time!
saclock.zip; a neato clock with Sonic in the back in his SA pose.
sonicdktp.zip: this makes Sonic appear over your Window applications!
tclock.zip: This neato program actually allows you to change many tings in windows! Like your start Button Icon! very cool.
Icons.zip: A collection of 18 Icons
Icons1.zip (by Rlan, me): a collection of 119 icons I’ve kept hidden away for a very long time, not very good, but.. 119 icons! 🙂

You can find this program by going to the SFGHQ and looking in the Screen Savers section.