Fan Game Hosting: More Information

Fan Game Hosting: More Information

by May 31, 2000

I probably was a bit too vague on how I presented the last update on the situation between Rlan and Daniel, so this thread (no longer active) on the EST Message Board might be helpful. Also today, I received some comments from Rlan on the situation:

I had also been thinking of it for quite a long period… it’s said somewhere on the message board… anyway, Andy had also been thinking about the boom of SFG’s and was wondering if I wanted to have a well.. what would you do? ^_^

Any who, it really has nothing to do with SFGHQ at all. SFGHQ will stay on SSRG. Also I’m thinking of even adding his Site link there anyway.

The only thing which is worrying is that I admin it. But note: Neither or SonicNEXT’s hosting (Danny doesn’t host, he also admins) have nothing to do with the actual sites in debacle.

More as it develops…